This Time Around, You Get to Drive the Extra Mile

Take driving lessons in Waterville, ME and surrounding areas

Are you ready to feel the freedom that comes with having a driver’s license? KMD Driving School offers driving lessons in Waterville Maine.

We drive the extra mile for you, and you reap the rewards. At KMD Driving School in Oakland, ME, you’ll learn important safety concepts and gain confidence in your driving skills. Prepare for your driving test by signing up for classes today.

Who should take driving lessons?

Anyone who needs to get behind the wheel of a car should take driving lessons at some point. KMD Driving School offers driving lessons in Waterville, Maine for:

  • Teenagers age 15 and older – As long as your parents approve, you’re all set to start driving lessons in Waterville, ME.
  • Adults – Whether you’re from outside the U.S. or just haven’t driven in a while and need a refresher, KMD Driving School can help you feel safe on the road.
  • Seniors – You’ll be able to keep driving longer if you train to keep your skills sharp.
  • New motorcycle owners – You’ll learn how to stay safe on your brand-new bike.
Are you ready to hit the road? Call 207-465-4835 to schedule driving lessons in Waterville, ME.

KMD Driving School Also offers Motorcycle lessons in Scarborough and Oakland, ME

Take lessons in Oakland or Scarborough, ME

KMD Driving School has helped drivers in Oakland, Maine drive safely for 25 years. We added motorcycle driving lessons in 2009. Are you itching to take that brand-new motorcycle out on the open road? We make learning fun at KMD Driving School. Our friendly, patient instructors spend 30 hours in the classroom with students and 10 hours on the road.

At KMD Driving School, we’re all about integrity and maintaining a businesslike approach. We don’t have any hidden fees, and we don’t charge you for driving manuals. Reach out to a skilled driving educator to learn more.

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