Motorcycle Driving School

Motorcycle Driving School

Protect Yourself & Others By Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course Available in Oakland, ME & Scarborough, ME

In order to get your motorcycle license in Oakland or Scarborough, ME, you’ll need to take a safety course. KMD Driving School offers a 15-hour program over three days. Typically, we offer our training over the weekend, from Friday through Sunday. Each class lasts for five hours. If you’re under 18, you need to have a permit already and the permission of your parent or guardian to take our class. The course includes range work, a few exercises and a road test.

Once you graduate from our program, you’ll have the official endorsement of KMD Driving School when you apply for your motorcycle license.

Do you want to learn more about our motorcycle driving lessons? We have openings every weekend; July through the first week in October. Call 207-465-4835 to speak with an instructor in Oakland or Scarborough, Maine.

3 very important reasons to take a motorcycle safety course

Learning how to drive safely doesn’t just protect you – it benefits the people who love you most. Take a safety course to reassure:

  1. Your significant other
  2. Your family
  3. Your friends
They don’t want to lose you, so help put their minds at ease. KMD Driving School will give you the skills you need to enjoy your ride without taking risks. Reach out to us today to learn more about our classes.