Nervous About Getting Back Behind the Wheel?

Nervous About Getting Back Behind the Wheel?

We Offer Private Driving Lessons in Oakland, ME & Scarborough, ME

Whether you’re new to driving or just haven’t driven in a while, private lessons can put you at ease about getting behind the wheel. KMD Driving School offers private driving lessons for:
  • Teenagers who are new to driving
  • People who spent time driving outside the United States
  • Elderly drivers

Our private lessons last an hour and cover basics like parallel parking, turn signals, mirrors and other basics. The cost of the private lesson is $50 an hour, and if you want to use our car for the driving test its an additional $50 an hour. Are you ready to jump behind the wheel? Sign up for a lesson today.

3 key benefits of private driving lessons

For many people, it’s easier to learn things one-on-one. Here are three benefits of taking private driving lessons:

  1. Your instructor can focus attention on you. If you didn’t catch something, there’s plenty of time to go over the concept again.
  2. It’s a no-pressure situation. You don’t have any reason to feel self-conscious or pressured in your private class.
  3. You won’t feel out of your element. Private lessons are great options for older people who don’t want to be stuck in a class with teenagers.
Call 207-465-4835 to learn more about driving classes in Oakland, Maine.